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Meet the Founder


Janelle Johngrass

Janelle Johngrass is a passionate certified Health Coach, published writer, public speaker and a  Mother of four!


Like many new moms, Janelle searched for support and information to help her make healthy and educated choices regarding her pregnancy, birth, and to help prepare her for the challenges of raising a family. She found herself lost in a sea of information and lacking the personal connection she deeply desired with other moms.


The idea for Know Mommy and its mission to help women make educated choices regarding their family’s care was born from that experience.

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“I cannot thank and praise Janelle enough for her wisdom, advice, answers, and kindness. She is so wise, so dedicated and someone I greatly admire. She inspires me to make better and healthier choices for my sake, and for the well being of my family.” 

- Jenny J. 

"Know Mommy really helped me understand the importance to healthy eating, while making it fun and easy to understand. I highly recommend her for anyone struggling with their health. Thank you Know Mommy!” 

 - Lalayna H

“Janelle has always been available for me to field questions related to health and fertility. She has a wealth of knowledge and is well-studied in many holistic approaches to childbirth, parenting and nutrition.” 

              -Rebecca H.

“Janelle is very caring, health conscious and knowledgeable. She generously shares information and support in order to help you meet your lifestyle goals.” 

 - Stella D.

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