About Janelle Johngrass

Janelle is a passionate certified Health Coach, wife and Mother of three who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Like many new moms, Janelle searched for support and information to help her make healthy and educated choices regarding her pregnancy, birth, and to help prepare her for the challenges of raising a family. She found herself lost in a sea of information and lacking the personal connection she deeply desired with other moms.


The idea for Know Mommy and its mission to help families make educated choices regarding their family’s care was born from that experience.


When Janelle was looking for non-pharmaceutical options which were safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, she attended a doTERRA Natural Solutions class and learned that doTERRA’s products and philosophy aligned with her non-toxic, earth friendly lifestyle.


Janelle chose Dr. Sear’s L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Health Coach certification program, which addresses lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition, because it fit with her personal philosophy that healthy can be simple.  


Learning about preventative care and natural solutions empowered Janelle to not only take control of her and her family’s health and wellbeing but also inspired her to share with and empower others to make positive lifestyle choices.

Janelle is grateful for the privilege of sharing her vast knowledge with you and others like you.



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