Health Coaching

with Janelle

As your Health Coach I help you and/or your family facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior and lifestyle change. I do that by challenging you to tune in to your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action.


I will be your guide, mentor, and friend who empowers you while providing education, tools and support. Through the coaching process we will look at various aspects of your life that impact your health. The main focus areas are lifestyle (the way you live), exercise (the way you move), attitude (the way you think) and nutrition (the way you eat).


I, wholeheartedly, commit to honoring your goals and wellness journey. I offer ongoing support, and guidance as you set your goals, and make sustainable changes that will improve your health and happiness.


With over 10 years of experience and extensive training I provide you with a coaching foundation that is grounded in both science, research, and clinical practice.


My coaching style has been described as professional, positive, open, engaging and sincere.


I deeply believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy and strong. I believe that anyone can create a positive and sustainable wellness transformation through making the choice, creating a plan and taking the small proper steps over time.

Janelle is the Founder of Know Mommy and specializes in Holistic Family Health, Natural Stress & Pain Management, Prenatal andPostpartum Care, Non-Toxic Living, Cannabis Education, and more.


(725) 333-5669

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