20 Healthy Snack Options Kids Love

Every parent needs quick and easy snack options that are not only healthy but also taste good. Here are some quick ideas to get your kids belly happy without you spending a lot of time in the kitchen!

I recommend using organic and/or homemade ingredients when possible.

20 Healthy Snack Options

1. Hummus with carrots

2. Hummus with crackers

3. Sunbutter with celery

4. Apple & almond butter

5. Hard boiled eggs

6. Popcorn with olive oil

7. Rice cake with nut butter

8. Plain Greek yogurt with berries

9. Plain Greek yogurt with granola

10. Trail Mix (not with m&ms)

11. Avocado Toast

12. Toast topped with butter, sliced banana and a little honey

13. Fruit Smoothie

14. Green Smoothie

15. Cottage cheese with peaches

16. Roasted chickpeas

17. Guacamole with chips

18. Veggies with paleo ranch dressing

19. Dates & goat cheese with crackers

20. Fruit! (banana, apple, pear, orange)

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