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I hear this all the time as a Health Coach "well my Doctor told me", "my Doctor prescribed it", "my insurance covers it", "it's easier to just take the pill."

I wish we lived in a time where every single person was trustworthy. Unfortunately, we don't. Many people with power abuse it. The Opioid epidemic in our country is real and growing fast. Many people who would never consider themselves addicts are dying at the hand of an Rx. I, personally, have had friends and family members die on prescription medication. The rise in accidental overdose is insane and it's time to make it stop!

I am a huge advocate and believer in taking your healthcare into your hands. This does not mean you do not go to the Doctor. It means you inform yourself too! Research your illness or issues. Read about what the Doctor is prescribing. Search for alternative solutions. Reach out to a Health Coach, like myself, who help people everyday searching for lifestyle advice and natural solution options to reduce and even eliminate their need for prescription medication. Pills are NOT always the answer. Sometimes they can cause bigger problems than what a few lifestyle and thought changes will create. Reach out for support. It's here when you're ready and willing to take your health into your hands. It starts with you every day, one choice at a time.

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