Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations are such a great way for Moms to be empowered during labor and delivery. ✨

💜 Here are a few of the birth affirmations I had taped around the space my birth tub was at, the bathroom, kitchen and hallway of my house during my last labor with Jett.

I love having affirmations up while giving birth. When you're struggling you can look up and refocus on the truth of process of birth and not what your fears are telling you. Seeing them really gives you that extra boost of confidence, control and power!!

I believe affirmations are a must-have for Moms in labor. You can google birth affirmations and find a ton of different ones. Pick the ones that resonate most with you. Natural birth is worth it and you can do it!!

Did you use affirmations during your birth? Do you want to?

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