Communicating with a toddler can be tough. Some days feel like a guessing game of needs and wants leaving both you and your child frustrated. This frustration can often lead to a whining toddler and an exhausted parent.

When your toddler whines for something, you may be tempted to give in to make them stop. As tempting as this is to keep the peace, it really is best to hold your ground. If you can show your toddler that whining won't get them anywhere, they will be more likely to try more positive ways of communicating to get what they want.

When your child is whining, gently point it out to them and ask them to use their regular voice. I like to say "please use your words not your whines."

Toddlers are learning how to navigate in the world and we have to show them what healthy communication is. They don't quite get what whining is or how to recognize it so gentle reminders and setting the example is key.

If you find yourself frustrated it's okay to give yourself a time out (make sure your child is safe) and come back to the situation after a few deep breaths and you are in a calmer place.

Raising kids can be hard work and being a mindful parent can feel exhausting at times but when you put in the work to create healthy boundaries and communication it will be a lot easier for your and your child.

How do you deal with whining?

Share your favorite tips for other parents in the comments section and see what works for them.

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