Breaking the Stigma Around Cannabis

With cannabis becoming legal for medicinal and recreational use women of every age and stage in life are coming forward with so many questions about the plant, how it is used, and what effects it has on users.

In fact, studies are showing 90% of women are interested in cannabis and want to learn more but feel intimidated or scared to ask; worried of the judgment from family and friends or the negative effects it could have on themselves and their ability to function and care for their families.

With so much misinformation around cannabis it is of no surprise why so many people feel intimidated and even afraid of using this plant and asking for guidance.

As a society we have been led to believe that cannabis is a gateway drug that causes great harm and destroys people's lives. Women of all ages fear it and the fear needs to end.

Even if you choose to not consume it; can we please stop fearing it and allow ourselves to become educated and have a conversation about it?!

It is time to break the stigma around cannabis, to create community and awareness. It is time for women to feel safe to share their experiences, to ask their questions without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Why? Because for thousands of years women have used the cannabis plant for everything from skin and beauty care, health and wellness needs, spiritual practices and even simply for good living and a little fun.

The criminal side to using the cannabis plant is fairly new to history but for most of us it is all we know. With the fear of potential arrest and even having children taken away, many women have chosen to consume in secret. Other women are so worried they will not even try to talk about the plant even though the benefits from it align with their needs. Even the women who use the plant for medical needs and not simply for recreational use feel shame. Shame comes from feeling you are doing something wrong and our society has been led to believe that cannabis consumption and use is not only wrong but if you do it you are a lazy, worthless and a drug addicted person.

Thankfully science and law are catching up with what human intuition knew all along; the benefits can not be denied. The cannabis plant is a tool we can use for so many ailments and needs from our physical health to our mental and spiritual.

With cannabis being legal for recreational use in Nevada women are wanting to come forward with questions about cannabis consumption or looking to share their powerful experiences with this plant and offer hope and support for those looking.

I want to create a space where you can come forward with your questions and get answers or hear another woman's’ experience with it. Because even though it is legal the science is still coming out and right now sharing our stories is the best gift we can give to each other in empowering and supporting one another using natural tools for our health needs like cannabis.

This article was originally written for Vegas Cannabis magazine June 2019 issue which you can see here.

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