DIY Lash Boosting Serum

Did you know women who wear makeup and use body care products can absorb up to 5+ pounds of chemicals a year through their skin impacting their endocrine system and cellular health?

I value living a holistic life and try to be preventative in my health but I’m still a modern mom who enjoys a good beauty routine and wants to looks as fabulous as she can.

After my 3rd son was born I experienced postpartum hair loss and my eyelashes and eyebrows got very thin.

I looked into many products to support new hair growth and was never satisfied with the ingredients or sourcing of materials from any company I looked at so I decided to make my own.


5 drops lavender

5 drops cedar wood

5 drops rosemary

(I only use doTERRA Essential oils)

Fill remaining with carrier oil of choice - I used a Jamaican castor oil

Apply before bed after you’ve washed and dried your face. Avoid contact with eyes. Takes about 3-6 weeks to notice a difference.

Have you made the switch to green beauty products?

Thankfully it’s easier now than it used to be to make your own and many more companies are getting on the green beauty band wagon!

**If you would like to purchase the oils I used to make this click here.

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