DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Wipes

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Are you looking for a non-toxic way to clean your home that is safe around babies and pets, smells good, is affordable, and easy to use?

I want to invite you can ditch the paper towels and spray bottles and use these DIY cleaning wipes instead!

All you need is doTERRAs On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, 10-12 washcloths and a large glass container with a lid.

I made these with 4 tablespoons of cleaner and 1-2 cups of water. Mix together in the bottom of the jar, add in the washcloths, shake around to make sure all washcloths have been saturated with the mixture. That's it!

Super easy!

Using OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate provides protection against environmental threats and gives you peace of mind knowing you're using a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that can be used as a multipurpose cleanser for around your home.

What's even better? After you're done cleaning you just toss the towels in the wash and make a fresh batch.

Safe, effective and affordable.

I would say that is a win, win!!!

To get your hands on a bottle of OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate message me or follow link to my doTERRA store 😊

Places I have used these wipes — kitchen, bathrooms, floors, toilets, fridge, doors, chameleon cage, walls, keys, doorknobs, light switches, in the car, etc.!

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