No Bake Cookies


My kids have been asking me to make something sweet for awhile now. We’ve been in the process of moving and I have not wanted to spend any extra time in the kitchen making messes than I already am. I know many of you can feel me on that one.

This morning as I was making breakfast I realized I had all the ingredients to whip up these quick no bake cookies and thought I would be a nice Mom and give them a yummy treat that also is a healthy-ish snack!

These cookies takes less than 10 minutes to put together, then you let them sit in the freezer for 30-60 minutes so they can set. Easy and nutritious. That’s a win, win!

Ingredients: (use organic when possible)

1 C rolled oats

1/2 c chocolate chips

1/2 c ground flaxseed meal

1/2 c nut butter of choice

1/3 honey or maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients together in a bowl. Then form into 1” balls using your hands. Arrange cookies on a baking sheet and freeze until set. Typically takes 30-60 minutes.


You can store them in an airtight container in the fridge up to 5-7 days.

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