How you live


How you move


How you think 


How you eat 

L.E.A.N. stands for Lifestyle (the way we live), Exercise (the way we move), Attitude (the way we think) and Nutrition (the way we eat).

The L.E.A.N. philosophy was developed by “America’s Pediatrician," Dr. William Sears and Sean Foy, M.A., a leading exercise physiologist and nutrition expert.


L.E.A.N. is a fun, scientifically proven, clinical based interactive and educational approach to health that is perfect for parents or anyone who works with children.

The goal of teaching L.E.A.N. is to educate and inform participants about simple techniques they can implement in their everyday lives to help develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will positively impact and improve their overall physical and mental health.

Improving your lifestyle and your general attitude will make it easier to take care of your self and your family.

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